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Thrivent Action Teams and Thrivent Choice Dollars

make an impact at camp.

Each year we receive around $25,000 in Thrivent Choice dollars from dozens of individuals and families. They took the time to access their account and direct Thrivent Choice dollars that are sitting in their account. Here is how it works. ​

Go online at

  • Log in and click on "Direct Choice Dollars"

  • Select Search Catalog of Organizations

  • Locate: Lutheran Outdoor Ministries in Ohio or LOMO

  • Enter the amount of dollars and click "Direct Now"


By Phone: 800.847.4836

  • Say "Thrivent Choice" when promoted.

  • Follow the instructions to direct funds. 


If you have questions, contact your Thrivent Representative

Thrivent Action Teams are different than the Choice Dollars above. These dollars are seed money for projects that make an impact. If you apply for a Thrivent Action Team, you will receive $250 towards that project. Previously, we walked a Thrivent member through the process over the phone. They chose to help create "Last Day of Camp Packs" for youth summer campers. We purchased 600 photo frames, white pen markers and pictures of each cabin group. This helped promote camp for the following year and gave the campers a reminder of their time at camp. They now have a special memory from camp, notes from their friends and a message from their cabin counselor, all because of a Thrivent Action Team. 

Think about an unmet need at camp or go online for some suggestions. Contact the camp to confirm it is still a need. 

Once your project is approved, you'll receive a Thrivent Action Kit, including:

  • Promotional Banner

  • Invitations & Thank You Cards

  • Thrivent Action Team T-Shirts 

  • A $250 Community Impact Card you can use as seed money to purchase project supplies and create promotional materials


Apply Online

If you have any questions and/or would like some help, please contact LOMO at

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