Thank You "Our Bluff Rocks!"

April 27, 2018

It is a pretty simple thing to explain. If we don't protect the shoreline, our camp becomes the new shoreline.


Camp Luther is a home away from home for so many people. I still remember my first time out there and several family campers were sharing with me how the old pool and several other buildings are currently about 100 yards into the water. I remember thinking, "how is that possible?" 


When I see the map of the old shoreline and the plan to protect it, I get excited. A generation of campers decided enough was enough and began to save our camp. With donations and pledges we are able to stop the erosion. We are able to keep a fence in the same location. 


There is a problem. We are not done yet. The bluff is not completely protected and we have a long way to go. With your support and pledges, we will keep adding to our efforts to keep Camp Luther above water and ready to serve thousands of people each year! 


“Our Bluff Rocks!!” - Phase Two Gifts in 2017:

In the summer of 2011 we launched Phase Two of “Our Bluff Rocks” to continue protecting the bluff along the shores of Lake Erie at Camp Luther. By the end of 2017, we had received $665,638 in pledges and gifts. 


Thank you for your donations and your incredible support! 

Catherine & John Aldrich, George & Ailiin Andrews, Ashley & Lisa Baker,  Paul & Connie Baker, Holly & Scott Beaverson, Janis & Tim Bell, Lorraine Bell, Cathy & Glen Bengson, Jeff & Suzanne Bensch, Raymond & Karen Bentley, Sondra Blankenhorn-Cook, Caroline Branca, Katie & Steve Brown,  Kevin & Desley Brown
Doug Brown & Sharon VanRiper, Penny & Glen Christensen, David Clay, Greg & Greta Clouse, Genie Craven, Jenny & Karl Demuth, Marta Diehm, Nikki & Stefan Diehm, Alison & Nick Dugan, Judy & Steve Fesko, Donald & Susan Frantz, Jenny Frantz, Annette Gadegbeku, Crystal Gadegbeku & David Conway, Ella Gall, Linda Gehrisch, William & Barbara Gorga, John & Melissa Griggs, Jennifer & Shane Harlow, Richard & Gwynn Hart, Joe & E.J. Hasenjager, Melissa & Aaron Hawkins, Naomi Horchak-Morris & Marlin Morris, Laura & Larry Horning, Luke & Jenn Hudak, Betsy & Rob Johnson, Dave & Lisa Johnson, Eric & Victoria Kallio, William & Rhea Kasner, David & Lisa Kettlehake, Miriam Kettlehake, Cathleene & C. Michael Kiel, Janet & Dennis King, Kurt & Lynne Kronholm, Meg Lent, Paul Lintern, Mark & Susan Lytle, Molly & Daniel Malloy, Tom & Betty Martin, Elaine McLean, Amy & Timothy Merkel, Robert & Mary Merkel, Susan & Norm Merkel, Bill & Nancy Mink, Nicole & John Nightingale, Marlene & Chris North, Thomas & Amy Ott Mike & Michelle Palmer, David & Janeen Parfitt, Barbara & Mark Piccolino, Clarence & Lyn Reed, Karen & David Reichard, John Reichard & Ashley Parriman, Craig & Wendy Richter, Nancy & Bob Roberts, Philip & Connie Robertson, John & Terri Samuelson, Jill Schellhase & Douglas Taylor, Tom & Cindy Schifer, Karen & Robert Schlanz, Gary Shooter, St. Luke Lutheran Church, Gahanna, John & Ruth Stefanik, Troy & Kelly Stoller, Alan & Sally Strauss, Lesley & Steven Sweeney, John Talstein, Kali Vadnais, Timothy & Doris Vorndran, Arianna & Robert Warfel, Florence Warfel, Paula & Donald Wayt, Martha & Jim Woelke, Martin & Angela Zimmann, Anonymous: 3


More information about "Our Bluff Rocks"

Anyone who has been to Camp Luther understands what we mean by “Our Bluff Rocks!”  Our camp sits directly on Lake Erie, which plays home to some of the most beautiful sunsets you may ever see.  But, this beautiful setting also presents the challenge of bluff erosion.  We own approximately 1325 feet of shoreline; over the decades we have lost hundreds of feet of our bluff to the lake along with the loss of beach access for camp programming. 


Camp Luther brings families together for a week of relaxation, worship, fun, Bible discovery, and strengthened  relationships in Christian community.  The “Our Bluff Rocks!” Campaign will secure the future of this ministry for generations to come.


 How does bluff erosion control work?

With the expertise of Matrix Engineering, we believe we have found the best erosion control system on the market for our particular bluff situation.  This system:
~ Prevents tow erosion through the placement of iron rock
    along the base of the bluff.
~ Prevents washout of soil by installing an underground
    PVC groundwater collection system that diverts the water.
~ Prevents undercutting of the soil by tiering the land from
    the shoreline to the top of the bluff at a 1:2 ration.  This  
    will result in a bluff that slopes at a 26 degree angle.
~ Prevents wind storm soil erosion by developing a
    vegetated slope.