Pioneers Summer Camp

April 26, 2018

There is something amazing about a child spending time at sleepaway camp. We are fully aware that some kids are ready and some kids are not. We are equally aware that some parents are ready and some parents are not. This is your decision and you know your child better than anyone. Time at camp is waiting for you now, next year or in 5 years! 


This unique week of camp slowly introduces children who have completed Kindergarten - 2nd Grade to nature in caring and safe way. Children spend time with trained staff as they navigate through small obstacles. Lifeguards and counselors swim alongside them as they splash in the pool. We sit together as a family at breakfast, lunch and dinner and we spend time with the older kids at campfire. 


Most importantly, we learn about Jesus together. We share time in the Bible together. Pioneers summer camp is a place for you to explore and learn! Join us! 


Pioneers Summer Camp at LMC & Mowana // Click Here


Spend a week away from home experiencing nature, swimming everyday, playing games and learning more about Jesus. During your week a camp counselor will be with you the entire time, along with 5-6 other cabin mates. Together you will walk through a creek, cook a marshmallow over a fire and sleep in the same lodge or cabin. Sit next to your new friends at a campfire as you sing songs, pray and hear about Jesus. Laugh together while making a fun craft, play a silly camp game, or join your cabin mates on a hike through the woods. Each day there will be a Bible study with your cabin group, plenty of time to write letters home, and new adventures for kids just like you. Put your stake in God’s creation during Pioneers Summer Camp! 


Pioneers Summer Camp at LMC & Mowana // Click Here