April 2, 2018

With your help and generosity, we want to recruit and train the next generation of leaders in the church. We know that young adults who serve on a summer camp staff are likely to discover that their gifts for leadership are a great match for a life of service to the church, but we are in this together! We need your help finding these gifted young adults and your continued financial partnership. 



Who do you know in your congregation and community with gifts for ministry?  Who do you know that loves to play every youth group game?  Who do you know that spends as much time hanging out with the younger kids at church as they do their peers?



Every summer, we hire over 70 gifted staff persons to serve families, children, neighborhoods, and congregations.  They work long hours in the sun playing games, teaching Bible stories, singing songs and making us laugh.  Summer staff also sweat while doing dishes in the kitchen and help complete the daily tasks in our offices. We know we can’t ever pay them enough for giving their entire summer to serve at camp, but we also know the rewards are enormous! 


"There is something about waking up in the middle of the night and seeing nothing but treetops and stars that makes me feel God’s presence so strongly." Leah S. 


Will you help us equip the best possible candidates?  On average, we budget $2615 for each summer staff person including salary and benefits. Please consider a gift of $5230 to cover staff training and up to eight weeks of program leadership for two staff members, $2615 for one staff member, or $235 for one week’s salary.  Of course, a donation of any amount will help support training, food, accommodations, or even a couple loads of laundry.
This summer, each staff person will receive a patch stitched with the words: facilitator, nurturer, playworker, leader, caregiver and servant.  These are important roles at camp and in your congregation.  Help us prepare leaders for camp, the church, and the world.
Thank you for your continued partnership in ministry.



I witnessed kids have an encounter with Christ and struggle with that reality. I saw parish outreach and discipleship. I saw service to the poorest and most vulnerable, from inner city Columbus to rural Ohio. Carl F.