8 Summer Camp Outcomes

February 1, 2018

Simply mentioning "Summer Camp"can trigger memories and laughter from a variety of individuals. The perspective could be from a former staff or a first time camper. It could be your time at family camp or youth overnight camp.

More than likely, you yourself have a memory from camp. It could be a traditional overnight camp, a day camp at your local congregation or a sports camp at school. 

Some people associate camp with trees, nature, bunk beds and silly games. Other people associate camp with their faith or meeting new friends. Every year, we survey hundreds of people to capture their experience at camp. We wanted to share some of our favorites.


Here are 8  Summer Camp Outcomes from 2017. 

A Family's Faith
"Our family's faith and relationship with God has grown deeper for the past three years that we have attended Camp Luther. We get the opportunity in devotion time to share our deepest thoughts and listen without the interruptions of daily life." Luther Family


A Camp Buddy
"I loved that she got to go to camp for the first time with her friend and see they can figure it out for themselves. I also love that it was a Lutheran camp so she learned religious song that she found fun." Youth Camper Parent

A Fear Overcome
"Our daughter faced a fear coming to camp and we were very proud of her for that. She also has not stopped telling us fun stories that will be memories for life. We appreciate all your staff provided and God's goodness last week." First Time Camper Parent


 A Leader's Viewpoint
"I saw children excited to participate in the simplest of worship actions. I saw teenagers taking responsibility and leadership. I heard adults talk about their faith and the ways it moved them in a setting that allowed everyone to be vulnerable and express themselves." Camp Pastor at Youth Camp


 A Moment of "Aha"
"We love that college aged young adults come to our congregation as leaders in the faith community. Through these young people, kids experience Jesus, community, and what it means to have fun at church!" An Outreach Day Camp Coordinator


A Reason to Work
"Once, a camper told me that camp is the one thing that they look forward to all year long, and I think that rings true for many people that have gone to camp. The memories and relationships will last forever, and I will always be thankful for  the amazing friends and memories that camp has provided for me."  Erin S - Summer Camp Counselor

A Volunteer's Time Well Spent
"I saw ch