The Big Give Begins Right Now

October 10, 2017

"Our daughter faced a fear coming to camp and we were very proud of her for that. She also has not stopped telling us fun stories that will be memories for life. We appreciate what your staff provided and God's goodness during the week." Youth Summer Camp Parent

Your gifts today will directly impact the lives of children and families at camp. We are finishing up our year and preparing for another. Your generous gift helps our staff continue to work along side children at youth and family camp. Your gifts help continue to beautify Camp Mowana, Camp Luther and Lutheran Memorial Camp. Your gifts help provide Camperships to families who cannot afford to attend camp. 

Consider a one-time gift today through the Big Give! 


"She was super nervous about sleep over camp, but the experience not only helped her grow in faith, but gave her more self confidence and gave her a new set of friends at church. It was great to be unplugged for a week to enjoy the outdoor activities and just be herself." Youth Summer Camp Parent