August 10, 2016

Wow! A Reaction to Time Spent at Camp Luther


Before camp started this summer, I read the book Help, Thanks, Wow!: The Three Essential Prayers by Anne Lamott where she outlines the three simplest prayers we can utter.  At the end of staff training, I shared the prayer of “Wow” with the Camp Luther staff. 


“…Wow is often offered with a gasp, a sharp intake of breath, when we can’t think of another way to capture the sight of shocking beauty or destruction, of a sudden unbidden insight or an unexpected flash of grace. ‘Wow’ means we are not dulled to wonder… ‘Wow’ is about having one’s mind blown by the mesmerizing or the miraculous: the veins in a leaf, birdsong, volcanoes.” (Lamott. 71).




“Wow!” is a prayer that I have prayed many times this summer:


Walking into the dining hall to find a group of teens having an early evening dance party – Wow! 


Watching a brand new camper realize within minutes of arrival that they are “home,” Wow!


Telling a staff member for the first time that a camper wants to grow up to be just like them and watching the staffer beaming with joy, Wow!


Setting up a private bluff side breakfast for a couple celebrating their anniversary. Wow!


Feeling the love of a community after hearing of tragedy after tragedy, Wow!


Learning about God with people who love God in a place created by God, Wow!


Watching spectacular sunset after spectacular sunset. Wow!


Seeing a group of young adults present a beautiful mess of a production each Wednesday night and observing the impact it has on the camp community. Wow!


I could go on and on. I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to be witness to such Holy times at camp. So here is my question.


Where have you

seen “Wow!” this summer?   



Jenny Frantz

Camp Luther Director