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Camperships Change Lives

Camperships Are Ready!

Everyone Deserves a Camp Story and it is time we spread the word. We need your help in recruiting families and friends that would love to attend camp, but may not have the financial ability to do so. Sometimes it is a loss of job, other times it is having a large family. If you need help with camp fees, please don't hesitate to ask. Leigh Ann Burdine is our registrar and walks families through this process in a caring and loving way. No question is a bad question. If you sincerely need help, we are here for you. Office: 800.431.5666 or

Children and Families Can Apply for Camperships (even if they have used them already)

Through the generosity of our donors, LOMO is able to offer camp scholarships (Camperships) to individuals and families in financial need. The Campership funds make it possible for all children and families to attend camp regardless of their ability to pay.

These scholarships (Camperships) are available to people based on the United States poverty guideline. In an effort to help as many people as possible each person is only eligible for one LOMO Campership per year.

  • Apply Online for a Campership // Click Here (Select Campership Request)

  • Campership Application Form // Click Here

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