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What Camp Luther Means to Me

At 70 years old, I still look forward to the summer ritual of heading north to Lake Erie, stopping at the White Turkey for a root beer float, and driving in to be greeted by excited young people.

I grew up going to a YMCA camp, just east of Conneaut, and then as a young teen working and camping at a Girl Scout Camp. In our years of parenting our kids when to a camp in NE Ohio, and even landed on staff with LOMO. Then as an adult I began to work as a development director as LOMO began a Capital Appeal. As I went around to churches asking for participation in our fundraising, I kept hearing about Camp Luther. I signed up and took my 3-year-old granddaughter with me.

It was an amazing experience. Now 15 years later I am still attending camp with my daughter and granddaughters. The granddaughters have friends that they see every year and share in special times. As teenagers they have recommitted to their faith. They all enjoy the Bible study, fun, music, and sports.

The staff make the campers feel so loved and cared for. They are open to letting kids of all ages ask questions. The family feel is so strong as the kids meet other adults with strong faith commitments. It has been a congregational tradition also for our churches, keeping the congregations connected to the larger church.

Time together as a family is precious and growing in faith is a gift; we have been blessed at camp with these opportunities and would recommend attending camp to young and old.

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