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A Volunteer's Story from LMC

I volunteered at LMC for 2 summers as camp nurse during the 2 weeks our church confirmands attended. I loved the experience & had a great time seeing the church kids away from our homes in Dayton. I not only was there for any bumps & cuts as well as medication dispensing, but I also got to participate in some of the planned activities every day. There were kids of all ages at LMC during the week & it was great fun to watch them go from not knowing anyone there to becoming friends by the end of the week, exchanging addresses, emails & phone numbers.

The staff at LMC was wonderful. They taught kids life lessons from everyday activities that showed how God remains an active participant in our world today. I think my favorite time was the campfire at night when we all gathered to share a thought from the day, sing a new or a favored camp song & listen for God calling each of us as we quieted ourselves before retiring for the evening.

I remember one story in particular that really made my camp experience meaningful. As u know, toward the end of the week each group of kids & counselors spend a nite in the "wild" [outposting]. The youngest group stay within sight of their cabin, but still under the stars. One little girl was so upset about being outside that I was asked if she could stay at the nurses cabin for the night. I got her settled in but within 5 minutes she could hear her group talking & laughing & she wanted no part of a quiet night in the nurses cabin. She felt she was missing out on all the fun outside. She spent the rest of the night with her group. The next morning she came straight to the nurses cabin to tell me what a great time she had. I really admired how the counselors handled this experience. They gave this young child a chance to grow in confidence by allowing her to make choices at such a young age.

Well I have gone on way too much but suffice it to say, I had a great time at camp. Watching kids of all ages Learning about Jesus in such a wonderful environment was a blessing to me. Take care & continued blessings on the LOMO camps! [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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