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Fireside News: Heidi's Story

"I saw Mowana shape their faith as it had mine."

By Heidi Ranard

My father was a camper at Mowana in the 50's. When we were old enough, my brother and I became campers throughout the 80's. I became a nurse and the pastor of my church told me that Mowana had begun taking volunteers in the Health Center a week at a time. I immediately jumped on the opportunity! What an amazing way to be a part of camp again and to give back to the place that helped shape my faith! I began volunteering as a camp nurse in 1996. I watched so many young people love camp the way I had as a child. I saw Mowana shape their faith as it had mine. I loved it!! I came off and on at first and then began serving every year beginning in 2001. I even came to camp pregnant! I laugh that my son has been coming since he was in the womb! As soon as they were old enough, both of my children began coming as campers. I believe that Camp Mowana has had a significant impact on their faith, specifically for my 15 year old daughter.

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Thank you for sharing your volunteer camp story Heidi! We love hearing how camp has impacted generations in a family.

Do you have a camp story or memory you would like to share? Respond to this e-mail and tell us how camp impacted your life.

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