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Youth Summer Camp Discounts

Youth Summer Camp Discounts:

  • Only one discount per camper may be applied.

  • Discounts apply to full weeks of summer camp. Full week is 5 days or more .


Early Bird Registration T-Shirt

No Code Needed - Register by March 31

You will receive a free t-shirt if you register, pay in full, and indiacte your shirt size on your registration by March 31st.


Returning Camper Loyalty Discount

Discount Code LOYAL23

Register for any summer youth program before August 31st and receive a $50 discount off a full week of camp. You need to pay a $100 deposit fee by August 31 and will need to pay in full by January 31st.


First-time Youth Camper Discount

Discount Code NEW23

There is a $100 discount for campers who are new to HopeWood Pines summer youth camp.


Bring-a-friend Recruiter Discount

Discount Code RECRUIT23

Campers who previously attended summer youth camp at LMC HopeWood Pines receive a $50 discount to refer a friend. The friend may not have attended summer youth camp at LMC at HopeWood Pines in the past.

Family Camp Discounts

Camp Luther Family Camp Discounts:

  • Only one discount per camper may be applied.

  • Discounts apply to full weeks of summer camp . Full week is 5 days or more. 


Cabin Maximum: Tier 1-$3,320; Tier 2-$2,555

After you register, contact the Guest Relations Manager to apply for this discount at

All participants need to stay in one cabin up to the safe bed occupancy. No other discounts apply if the cabin maximum is used.

Family Week 3 2016 092.jpg

First-time Families at Camp Luther

Discount Code FIRST23

There is a $100 per person discount for families who are new to HopeWood Outdoors summer camps. We are also extending this discount to families who have not camped with HopeWood Outdoors in the previous 5 years (prior to 2018).


Family Recruitment Discount

Discount Code RECRUITFAM

$100 discount for your family. This discount id for families who have camped with us in the past and are recruiting a family who has not previously participated in any HopeWood Outdoors family summer camp. Please list the name of the family you have recruited.


Trailer/RV/Tents Discount

Discount Code RV23

Campers will receive a $200 discount off the total family registration fee or cabin max when they bring their own tent or RV.


Campership/Financial Assistance

HopeWood Outdoors is committed to providing an opportunity for campers of all ages to CONNECT faith and nature for a changing world.  Through the generosity of our donors, HopeWood Outdoors can provide a limited number of camperships to people in financial need.


Please begin by asking your church or social service agency if funds are available to defray your cost of camp. Many times, these organizations can assist.


Camperships are available to people based on the United States poverty guidelines outlined below. To help as many people as possible, each person is eligible for one campership during the summer and for one sponsored retreat at any of the HopeWood Outdoors camps. Camperships for youth programs will only be provided to residents of Ohio; we can provide you with contact information for Lutheran Camps in neighboring states. The maximum campership is 80%. All families are asked to pay at least 20% of the camp fee. Registrations cannot be accepted without a financial deposit.

Click below for the necessary forms and additional instructions.

Tiered Pricing

Tiered Pricing Explained

We understand that families have differing abilities to pay, so we’re offering a voluntary, two-tiered pricing structure to better accommodate financial needs. Please select the tier you can afford to allow our camps to stretch our funding and continue to improve the quality of each camper’s experience.


  • Tier 1 - This fee most accurately reflects the actual cost of camp. We ask families to pay this amount if they have the financial means.

  • Tier 2 - This subsidized fee has historically been our “standard” fee, but does not represent the true cost of camp. This fee is subsidized by 30% through donations from individuals, congregations and synods. This amount is for families who need the financial subsidy to make camp affordable, yet still want to participate in a camp program.

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